EVENT SPONSOR: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Thank you to our exclusive event sponsor, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits! Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is the the world’s preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol and a leader in corporate social responsibility. Their 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report showcases Southern Glazer’s role in supporting the Heart of Hospitality on a national and local level through charitable initiatives, programs that uplift underrepresented communities, and an evolving commitment to environmental sustainability.


Join Juan Moreno, Jr., Facility Manager at Rutherford Hill Winery, as he begins working with another winery operations leader seeking to maximize energy efficiency. Building off of that foundation (don’t “solarize” your inefficiencies!), they’ll then touch on installing and maintaining a solar array, and ultimately leveraging renewables to power EV charging. This small workshop will give you a chance to join in and learn from the start of that transition conversation. To pique your interest here is a feature that shares more about a winery leader in energy efficiency.

Mentor and Mentees


Juan Moreno, Jr. | Facility Manager at Rutherford Hill Winery

For over three decades in the wine industry, Juan Moreno Jr. has dedicated himself to excellence in his work and respect for the land—from the cellar to overall facility management.  A natural leader, Juan is skilled in all aspects of winery operations from budgeting to project management. His interest and expertise in sustainable practices helped Rutherford Hill Winery gain certification in the Napa Green Program and he plays an active role in conserving natural resources. 

Rachel Preeg

Rachel Preeg | Enologist at Round Pond Estate Winery

Rachel holds her Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Viticulture and Enology from the University of California, Davis and has worked as a winemaking intern, lab technician and enologist in Australia and California wine country.
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Join Brett Wiley, Customer Programs Manager with Marin Clean Energy (MCE), who will share available rebates for EV chargers and their installation. Mike Miyaki, an Access Specialist, will share how to navigate the County ADA requirements, and Daniel Grosbach from COIL, Inc, an EV installer, will share the installation requirements and process. Hailey Trefethen, Viticulture & Winemaking Operations at Trefethen Family Vineyards, will share her on the ground experience of County permitting, how they addressed the ADA requirements, and taking advantage of MCE rebates for installation.



Brett Wiley | Customer Programs Manager at Marin Clean Energy (MCE)

Brett manages MCE’s electric transportation programs and serves as the Agency’s subject matter expert on that topic. He currently manages programs and a growing team focused on expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, ensuring low-income residents can own & access EVs, demonstrating how EVs with managed charging benefit MCE customers and our grid, and a fleet electrification pilot supporting their municipalities, schools, transit authorities, and small/medium businesses.


Daniel Grosbach | Head Of Sales at COIL, Inc.

Daniel is a versatile, creative, and persistent sales professional with an excellent sense of urgency for immediate and quality results. He has proven effectiveness in both a fast-paced startup environment and large enterprises. He works in sales for COIL, a premier, full service electrical installer specializing in new energy installations. Prior to his work at COIL, he was an Account Executive at Crexi. He earned a Bachelors in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of Delaware.

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Hailey Trefethen - 2

Hailey Trefethen | Viticulture & Winemaking Operations at Trefethen Family Vineyards

With a curious palate, a nose for detail, and a deep appreciation of tradition, Hailey Trefethen is a passionate steward of the Trefethen legacy. Often the voice of the family within the company, the well-being of our employees and the state of the estate are foremost in her mind. She also handles all of their sustainability certifications for both the vineyard and the winery. In addition to a stint on the board of the California Wine Institute, Hailey was one of the youngest members ever elected to serve on the Napa Valley Vintners’ Board of Directors, and currently serves on the Napa Valley Grapegrowers’ Marketing & Communications Committee as well as serving as the Napa Green Board Chair. 

Mike Miyaki

Mike Miyaki | ADA Access Specialist 

Mike Miyaki has been providing accessibility services since 2010.  He has knowledge in the complexity of the various access standards including the California Building Code (CBC), ADA and Fair Housing Act.  He has advised consumers, business owners, architects, attorneys and State and Local Government agencies, with a wide range of services which include site inspections, plan check reviews, and expert services.  He also had a unique experience with assisting a disabled individual on a daily basis, working with Kim Blackseth, a pioneer in the disabled access community.


When you maximize your energy efficiency you both slash the GHG emissions associated with your operation AND you slash your monthly energy bill and bottom line. There are examples where a winery making 25,000 cases of wine was spending $2/case on electricity, and another winery of exactly the same size was spending $6/case. That’s a difference of $100,000 a year in electricity costs to make the same amount of wine! Bill Bennett, Program Engineer with Napa Green, will share his insights on how to save energy based on more than 175 winery Resource Audits and over 30 years in the beverage industry. Matthew Crafton, Winemaker & Environmental Manager with Chateau Montelena Winery, will share some of the creative ways they have captured “waste” heat and use to heat water, used cutting edge fans to minimize AC use in the tasting room, and even installed LED chandeliers. Jason Nelson , Commercial Development Manager at American Solar, will discuss considerations for solar installation and current hot topic: battery energy storage. Cindy Leonard, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Fine Wine at Southern Glazer’s will share the supply chain perspective, including a new partnership to improve fleet efficiency.



Taylor Kate Brown | Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle

Taylor Kate Brown is an independent reporter and editor with a decade of experience at online news outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle and BBC News. She has a knack for explaining complex systems and turning deep research into engaging stories. As the founder of Reusable Media, she reports stories on efforts to slow climate change, writes a weekly dispatch on local climate action and develops resources that readers can use in their own communities.


Bill Bennett | Winery Program Engineer at  Napa Green

Bill Bennett is the Napa Green Winery Project Engineer. He is a trained and licensed as a Civil Engineer, and draws on decades of experience with commercial and industrial resource use to help Napa County wineries understand, manage, and reduce energy and water use. Beginning in 2016, Bill led the design and facilitation of “Integrated Resource Audits” for wineries seeking Napa Green Winery certification or recertification. These one-stop, user friendly energy, water and waste evaluations baseline and track resource efficiency over time and provide targeted recommendations for both cost and resource savings. With more than 160 reviews to date, Bill has developed a broad portfolio of operational guidance and recommendations which have helped Napa Green wineries save more than $4 million in energy costs and over 27 million gallons of water (as of July 2021).


Matthew Crafton | Winemaker & Environmental Manager at Chateau Montelena Winery

Matt Crafton leads the production team as Winemaker at Chateau Montelena. He not only oversees all production and operations, but also plays a critical role in strategy, education, and technology at the winery.  Starting at the very bottom in the cellar, Matt internalized the words from his father, “Smart people in the world are a dime a dozen. All you can do is control how hard you work.” Years later, after methodically building his toolbelt in wineries and vineyards on the east coast, Napa and Sonoma, Matt was hired as Enologist at Montelena upon finishing his degree in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis in 2008. He was promoted to Winemaker in 2014.


Charlie Gregg | Head Of Sales at American Solar Corporation

Charlie Gregg leads an experienced team providing high-quality physical and economic analysis of projects including loads, equipment configuration, PV output, battery energy storage systems, duration, resilience, and environmental benefits.


Cindy Leonard | Executive Vice President & General Manager, Fine Wine at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Cindy Leonard leads the SGWS Fine Wines Divisions as Executive Vice President, General Manager of Fine Wines. Prior to this promotion, Cindy served as SVP Supplier Management and Business Development (SMBD) team leading the SMBD team. Cindy earned her BA Degree from Arizona State University. She also holds her Court of Master Sommeliers, Level One Certification and a Wine & Spirit Education Trust 2 Certification. Cindy also graduated from the Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Emerging Leaders Program in 2018.

She serves on the WSWA Communications, Federal Affairs, Talent & Diversity Councils. She is an active mentor in the SGWS Exceptional Leaders Program for future leaders. 



Bill McKibben helped found, the first global grassroots climate campaign, which has organized protests on every continent, including Antarctica, for climate action. He is also the founder of Third Act, which organizes people over the age of 60 for action on climate and justice.

His 1989 book The End of Nature is regarded as the first book for a general audience about climate change, and has appeared in 24 languages. He’s gone on to write 20 books, and his work appears regularly in periodicals from the New Yorker to Rolling Stone. He serves as the Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and he has won the Gandhi Peace Prize as well as honorary degrees from 20 colleges and universities. He was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the alternative Nobel, in the Swedish Parliament. Foreign Policy named him to its inaugural list of the world’s 100 most important global thinkers.

Sustainable Services & Tools sponsors

Southern - landscape

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits | Cindy Leonard & Stephen Von Oehsen

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is the the world’s preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol and a leader in corporate social responsibility.

Their 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report showcases Southern Glazer’s role in supporting the Heart of Hospitality on a national and local level through charitable initiatives, programs that uplift underrepresented communities, and an evolving commitment to environmental sustainability.


Marin Clean Energy (MCE) | Chris Kubik

MCE’s mission is to confront the climate crisis by eliminating fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, producing renewable energy, and creating equitable community benefits.

Why renewable? To help solve a critical issue that affects us all. Renewables come from constantly replenishing a virtually limitless supply of natural resources. Think sun, wind, bioenergy, small hydro, and geothermal heat. By turning to these sources instead of fossil fuels, we can help create a clean and secure energy future for California.


American Solar Corporation | Charlie Gregg

Smart homeowners, businesses, and non-profits achieve massive energy cost savings with SUNPOWER solar panels from American Solar.

As the leading clean energy company in Northern California, they specialize in SUNPOWER solar systems, energy storage, estate scale battery backup and electric pool heating to fully satisfy your residential or commercial property. Their complete understanding of today’s technology combined with a holistic design approach and meticulous installation practices, deliver the highest value, essential system performance and superior aesthetics.


Agrovin | Jason Rodriguez

AGROVIN is involved in R + D + i projects with the most important Wineries, Research Centers and Universities in the wine world. Fruit of this effort are different equipment designed to increase control of the process of winemaking and generate more added value to their customers.


Napa Green | Megan Scott

Napa Green serves as a catalyst and facilitator to grow certified sustainable, responsible businesses committed to the environmental stewardship and climate action in Napa County. Our members stand as leaders exemplifying that sustainability and caring for nature and community elevates quality and experience for employees, customers and community, now and in the future.


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‘If not here, where? If not now, when?’ 

“The onus is on us as a world class wine growing region to be leaders in sustainability & climate action.” 

- Executive Director of Napa Green, Anna Brittain
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It’s been a big week at Napa Green and we want to take a moment to raise a glass to salute you all. 

We are overjoyed to see so much support and invigorated interest in our mission towards sustainable practices and regenerative agriculture in the wine industry. 

We have many more details, paired with educational & financial resources that are already up and rolling on our website. We will continue to share them all, one by one and in great detail here on socials as well. 

For now please plan on joining us at our upcoming Town Hall meeting on Dec 7th at @stsupery. You can find more details at 

Cheers and Happy Friday Napa Valley. We are so proud to be a part of this amazing community!
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⚠️ Important Announcement 

Napa Green becomes the first sustainable wine growing certification to require the phaseout of Round Up. 

Please find the link in our bio for the full press release and full suite of info & grower resources. 

Join us on December 7th for our Napa Green Town Hall at @stsupery.
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You’re invited to join us for a very special day at @dominusestatewinery on November 30th. 

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Curious to learn more? Join us at @dominusestatewinery on November 30th for a rare event and luncheon. Link in bio for details.
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Let’s hear it for our Executive Director of Napa Green, the incomparable Anna Brittain for being named a 2023 Wine Industry Leader by @winebusinessmonthly!! 

In their Sustainability Stewards section (which we love to see) we find Anna named in good company with inspired fellow leaders! 

Head to our stories or the link in our bio for free access to the full November issue. 

Cheers to the great work of our visionary Director Anna Brittain!!
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Drink Green this Halloween! 💚
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Sierra is our Soil & Climate Specialist at Napa Green and her ask this year is that everyone consider donating to our small but mighty Team Green for Giving Season! 

Here is more from @regenwithsierra: 

“🎃 Happy Halloween Eve everyone! Today is my birthday, and I would be beyond thrilled if you would consider a donation to @napagreen to support a nonprofit focused on climate action in the wine industry 🍷🍾

@napagreen has the leading set of standards for sustainable practices, from soil to bottle. I am most proud of the work we do with winegrape growers to adopt regenerative agricultural practices in their vineyards. 

Please consider supporting us in our mission!  Click the link in bio for more! “
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Thank you for having us @visitnapavalley! We had a great time talking to visitors about the many sustainability practices our Napa Green wineries and vineyards employ! 

Stop into the Visit Napa Valley Visitor Center in Napa to learn more!
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