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what does it mean to be napa green certified?

Making an exceptional wine requires stewardship and attention to detail. The same is true of achieving Napa Green Winery certification.

Napa Green Certified Wineries implement more than 120 sustainability standards to:

  • Save energy and increase energy efficiency
  • Conserve water and increase water use efficiency
  • Prevent waste through recycling, composting and environmentally preferable purchasing
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the winery’s carbon footprint
  • Care for employees, build engagement around sustainability and be good neighbors
  • The whole facility is certified from production to hospitality
  • Leverage sustainability certification to differentiate your brand with guests and customers and increase market access

Download the logo

To use the Napa Green Certified Winery mark in general communications and marketing materials you must represent a certified Napa Green Winery.

To use the new Napa Green Certified Winery mark on your LABELS you must submit an application validating that the wine is made from 85% or more Napa Valley AVA grapes and produced 100% in the Applicant’s certified production facilities. Wine that was processed at another facility, not certified Napa Green, would not qualify to use this mark.

As a certified vintner, you may authorize third-party producers which produce wine at your certified production facility to apply to Napa Green for permission to use the NGCW Certification Mark on and in association with that wine.

Napa Green is one of only four sustainable winegrowing programs nationwide offering the opportunity for comprehensive soil-to-bottle certification in both the vineyard and winery. 40% of all of the certified sustainable wineries in CA are in Napa County.

Want more ideas on sharing your sustainability story? Watch the Napa Green Ambassador Training to learn more about what it means to be Napa Green, find the language to talk about what you are doing and get inspiration from other great posts. To partner on a social media story or learn more reach out to

Use the logo on your bottle

Certified members of the Napa Green program can use the Napa Green Winery logo on the labels of wines made in a Napa Green certified winery and made with 85% or more Napa Valley AVA grapes.