Become A Napa Green Ambassador

Would you like to feel more comfortable and confident talking about Napa Green Winery and the new Napa Green Vineyard certification and sustainable winegrowing?

Want to have a quick answer ready when people ask, “What is the difference between sustainable and organic?”

Interested in new ideas to engage guests, differentiate your wines, and share your sustainability story in the tasting room, on social media and other communications channels?

Join us for the Napa Green Ambassadors workshop covering:

  • What is sustainability?
  • What does it mean to be Napa Green?
  • Market studies and evidence that consumers care.
  • Beneficial birds and animals in the vineyard – fun facts like opossums are immune to snake venom.
  • Tips and tools for sharing your sustainability story on social media.
  • Examples of how Napa Green members share their sustainability stories.

Napa Green Ambassador Training Videos

Anna Brittain | Executive Director at Napa Green

What are the Six Pillars of Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership? What does
it mean to be Napa Green? Market studies and evidence that demand for sustainability is growing from consumers & retailers.

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Meghan Vergara | Certified Sommelier and Owner of Veritas Consultants

Megan Scott | Winery Program Manager at Napa Green

Tips and tools to leverage social media, including Instagram Live, and successful examples from Napa Green and our members.

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Kelly Mitchell | The Wine Siren 

Elizabeth Vianna | Winemaker at Chimney Rock Winery

Throughout 2022, Kelly Mitchell has been interviewing wine industry leaders about their commitments to sustainability. She’ll share her perspective on
why this matters and what she’s learned, followed by a live 10-min interview between Kelly and Elizabeth.

Anna Brittain | Executive Director at Napa Green

Grounded examples and inspiration for framing and sharing your
sustainability story.

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Ben Mackie | Vineyard Program Manager at Napa Green

Ruby Stahel | Conservation Project Manager at Napa RCD

Who doesn’t love bees and butterflies? Ben and Ruby will introduce the Monarch Working Group, and tools and resources to expand monarch and pollinator habitat.

Download Ben’s Presentation

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John Comisky | Board Member Napa Wildlife Rescue

Carol Poole | Board President of Napa Wildlife Rescue

John will talk about our furry and winged friends in the vineyard, including
raptors and Carole will introduce Maddie, an ambassador Red Tailed Hawk.

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Anna Brittain | Executive Director at Napa Green

Closing notes from Anna Brittain at the third annual Napa Green Ambassador Training session.

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Anna Brittain | Executive Director at Napa Green

Anna has worked locally, nationally and internationally on environmental management and policy with organizations ranging from the environmental economics think tank Resources for the Future in Washington, DC to the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Hanoi, Vietnam. She has spent a decade facilitating and growing sustainability in the wine industry, with an expertise in communications and certification standards. She has helped lead the growth of the Napa Green program since 2015, and stepped into the position of Executive Director of the now independent non-profit in fall 2019. 


Meghan Vergara | Certified Sommelier and Owner of Veritas Consultants

Meghan Vergara is a certified Sommelier with over 15 years experience working in world class culinary and wine markets such as New York City and Napa Valley. During her extensive Sommelier training and tenure at the some of the nation’s top restaurants she learned from the very best industry professionals, wine makers and successful business owners how to create a wine experience like no other.

Megan Scott | Winery Program Manager at Napa Green

With a background in electrical and communications engineering, hospitality,  marketing and software, Megan has demonstrated her ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship by professionally facilitating sustainability conversations in the international hospitality industry through blogs, public speaking presentations, trainings and webinars featuring green business practices. Megan is dedicated in guiding businesses toward a more sustainable future. She holds an MBA, Sustainable Business Enterprises from Dominican University, and a BS in Marketing as well as a BS in Management from Sonoma State University.


Kelly Mitchell | Napa Valley Sustainable Writer & Podcaster | The Wine Siren

Based in Napa Valley, California, Kelly Mitchell is known globally as “The Wine Siren” and tells the stories of people behind sustainable wine and sustainable food who make life a little more enjoyable for all of us.  It’s her business acumen and natural curiosity that make her podcast, writing and videos a winning combination.


Elizabeth Vianna | Winemaker at Chimney Rock Winery

Elizabeth Vianna attributes her career in winemaking to a glass of 1985 Sociando Mallet, which she enjoyed at a pre-auction tasting at Christie’s in New York. A biology major at Vassar College, Elizabeth was originally on the pre-medical school track. She fell in love with wine as a consumer while living in New York City, working as a clinical toxicologist at New York Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical Center. Her strong science background and sudden infatuation with wine propelled her to apply to the University of California – Davis, and its renowned winemaking program instead of medical school.

Ben sq

Ben Mackie | Vineyard Program Manager at Napa Green

For the past 15 years, Ben has been designing and implementing regenerative farming systems in a variety of ecosystems. Ben has been managing farms, improving soils, and educating the next crop of environmental stewards with a holistic view of farming with natural systems. No stranger to Napa, he previously lived on Mt Veeder, where he fell in love with the oak and madrone woodlands and made friends with the local ravens. When Ben is not helping Napa’s vineyards adopt 21st century practices, he is spending time with his impressive wife and two wild children in the woods and on the water. Ben currently occupies Nisenan Territory and is a proud alumnus of Sterling College in Northeast Vermont, where he received a BA in Sustainable Agriculture.


Ruby Stahel | Conservation Project Manager at Napa RCD

Ruby has been working in environmental conservation since 2009. She has a M.S in Conservation Biology from Antioch University New England and a B.A in Environmental Studies from Prescott College. Ruby has worked with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (Crops Pathology and Genetics Research Unit at UC Davis) and the USDA Forest Service on the East Coast and in Puerto Rico. Her areas of expertise are in conservation planning and implementing restoration projects. Since joining Napa RCD in 2019, Ruby has helped many farmers complete Farm Conservation Plans, Carbon Farm Plans, and Pollinator Habitat Plans. Ruby also works with landowners to improve erosion control practices and is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). 

John Comisky small Headshot

John Comisky | Board Member Napa Wildlife Rescue

John Comiksy is the former President of Napa Wildlife Rescue, the only organization in Napa County that is permitted to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wildlife back into the wild. John Comisky is also a freelance photographer based in Napa. His photographic work for Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County reveals his love for birds and mammals. He has documented wildlife, landscapes, and candid moments of everyday life from across the globe.

Carole Pool

Carole Poole | President of Napa Wildlife Rescue

Carole Poole is the President of Napa Wildlife Rescue. She has been an active member of NWR since 2011, originally drawn by a flyer that said “Help feed baby birds.” She was hooked during that first season while caring for baby songbirds.

Within a few years she became a specialist working with raptors and is now the caretaker of Maddie, a red-tailed hawk who stars in NWR’s education programs.