Forest Management for Health & Resilience

This workshop at Seavey Vineyard discussed their approach to proactive forest management and stewardship of the oak woodlands adjacent to their winery and vineyards. This workshop included a hike to see their fuel reduction work, juxtaposed with adjoining land that has not been managed, how they’ve processed the wood waste to create biochar, continued maintenance with grazing animals, and the support they have received from the Resource Conservation District (RCD) and UCCE. The Napa RCD Forestry team will share their programs and resources. Eric Carlson with the Clean Burn Company shared their services for forest fuel management and fire recovery utilizing climate-smart AirBurners that reduce air pollution and emissions by >90 percent. Come get inspired and empowered to increase the health and resiliency of private forested lands in Napa County


From Raymond Baltar, Sonoma Biochar Initiative: There is just one legal quality metric for a material to be sold as biochar in California, and that is that it contains AT LEAST 60% carbon. I have lab analyses from the flame-cap kilns, from a Carbonator, and from Conservation Burn piles that show the material contains 68% to 86% carbon, meeting the legal requirement.

Napa Green

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Ben Mackie | Vineyard Program Manager | Napa Green 


Sierra Minchaca | Climate & Soil Specialist | Napa Green 

Napa RCD


Ali Blodorn | Principial Program Manager, Forestry | Napa RCD


Alex Wilbanks | Forestry Project Manager | Napa RCD



Evelyn Denzin | District Conservationist | NRCS


Erika Valek | Soil Conservationist | NRCS

The Clean Burn Company LLC


EarthWorks Biochar