Napa Green Set to Launch Napa THRIVES: A Six-Event Symposium Featuring Leaders in Sustainability & Climate Action

Napa, CA – During the month of June, Napa Green and community partners will host Napa THRIVES – a groundbreaking series of six half-day, tightly focused events organized around the six pillars of sustainable winegrowing leadership. Unfolding at the historic Charles Krug Winery, participants will learn about water efficiency, energy efficiency, waste prevention and green purchasing, integrated pest management and pesticide phaseout, social equity and diversity, all of which folds into climate action and regenerative farming.

One innovative aspect of the Napa THRIVES symposium is the mentorship program. At the start of each event, an offsite workshop option will be offered, during which up to 40 guests can participate in the launch of a mentorship process between an industry expert and another leading grower or vintner. On June 7, this will kick off with Tod Mostero, Director of Viticulture & Winemaking at Dominus Estate, in conversation with Pine Ridge Vineyards about transitioning their Dos Olivos vineyard to dry farming.

On June 9, guests can join mentor Juan Moreno, Facility Manager at Rutherford Hill Winery, sharing steps anyone in the industry can take to steadily reduce energy use and maximize the use of solar renewable energy. The emphasis will be on cutting the bottom line – wineries can save tens of thousands annually by improving efficiency, and slash emissions at the same time.

As a part of this “Saving Energy and Energy Efficiency” event, Napa THRIVES is excited to welcome marquee speaker Bill McKibben, Co-Founder of Third Act and, who earlier this year penned a thought-piece in The New Yorker, entitled “In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things.”

McKibben shares, “Napa has been ground zero for climate destruction, but also climate action. I look forward to strategizing about how we make big changes, fast.” 

Having authored more than a dozen books, including the bestsellers Falter, Deep Economy, and The End of Nature, McKibben is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College and the winner of the Gandhi Prize, the Thomas Merton Prize, and the Right Livelihood Prize, sometimes called “the alternate Nobel.”

Later in the symposium, on June 21 the “Social Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” event will launch with Philana Bouvier, President, Demeine Estates, kicking off her mentorship on recruiting and increasing diversity. “Not only is this topic something very personal to me, it matters deeply to Demeine Estates,” says Bouvier. “If we are building long-term resilience, we must truly understand what these essential concepts mean – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. For instance—equity in opportunity does not mean equity of outcome. This journey matters: I recognize we must bear this journey with everyone inside and outside our organization. I look forward to learning collectively during our interactive workshop.“

That same morning Napa THRIVES is thrilled to welcome marquee speaker Nikki Silvestri, Founder and CEO of Soil and Shadow. Silvestri has spoken at the White House, negotiated with the Environmental Protection Agency and received OxFam America’s “Act Local, Think Global” Award. She has appeared on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes, and her writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and BET Magazine.

Additional Marquee Speakers: Eric Asimov, Wine Critic at the New York Times, Kayalin Akens-Irby, Chief of Staff at Planet FWD; Kelly Mulville, Vineyard Director at Paicines Ranch; Kimberly Nicholas, Sustainability Scientist, Lund University, and Author, Under the Sky We Make; Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown; Birgit Cameron, Co-Founder and Head of Patagonia Provisions.

Additional Mentors: Molly Sheppard, Educational Winemaker, Spottswoode Estates (TRUE Zero Waste); Erik Dodd, Vineyard Manager, Wight Vineyard Management (Going Roundup Free); Jim Duane, Winemaker, Seavey Vineyard (Regenerative Carbon Farming).

Eight Leading Moderators: Esther Mobley, Senior Wine Critic, San Francisco Chronicle; Taylor Kate Brown, Newsletter Editor, San Francisco Chronicle; Andrea Robinson, Master Sommelier; Katherine Cole, Wine Writer & The Four Top podcast; Dr. Liz Thach, MW, Wine Writer, Educator, and Consultant; Dr. Andrew Isaacs, UC Berkeley Climate Scientist; Peter Marks, MW, Napa Valley Wine Academy; Kelli White, Sommelier and author Napa Valley, Then & Now.

To learn more about Napa THRIVES, to purchase tickets, or to become a sponsor, please visit

Students may purchase tickets at a 50% discount. Reach out to Sara Gow,, for the Promo Code.

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⚠️ Important Announcement 

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