All three of these wineries are comprehensively certified from Soil to Bottle in the Land and Winery programs. Please be sure to make advanced reservations.


Tucked in the cool Carneros is Etude Wines, where you can try Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, from both surrounding vineyards and properties in Coombsville, Oakville and Rutherford. If you love Pinot Noir and want to learn more about this delicate grape, book the Private Tailored experience and select the Pinot option. You can also select a Cabernet Focus or a mix of their extensive portfolio – the choice is yours! Etude uses recycled water for landscape irrigation and there is an employee garden and fruit trees, with some of the produce donated to the Napa Food Bank. Etude recycles and composts more than 90% of their waste and has been recognized with several Napa County Recycling Leadership Awards.

Domaine Carneros

Enjoy a seated tasting of bubbles on the Domaine Carneros patio or in their grand salon. Book a tour of their estate to  soak in some views at the stunning sparkling wine Château. If you love sparkling wines and vineyard vistas nothing about this experience will disappoint. Domaine Carneros was honored with the 2019 California Sustainable Winegrowing Green Medal award for their innovative Business practices. They reclaim 2/3 of their water for irrigation; through a unique packaging recycling program they are able to reuse 90% of onsite packaging; and as of 2019 they offset 100% of the carbon footprint of their wine shipments. “We will never stop striving to make better wines with a lighter, more sustainable footprint,” says Winemaker TJ Evans.

Hess Collection

Next head up Mt. Veeder to visit the Hess Collection Winery tucked away in a redwood forest. Not only does Hess have a wine to satisfy almost every palette, including mountainside Cabernet Sauvignon from the volcanic slopes surrounding the winery, but they also have their own art museum. Allow enough time to soak in both the wine and the art. Hess has a system that recycles hot water from barrel cleaning and bottling line sanitation, resulting in water savings of more than 500,000 gallons per year. Hess was one of the first 10 wineries to receive Napa Green Winery certification.

Please note: In order to protect the health and safety of all guests as we continue to be vigilant about the spread of COVID-19 all wineries will be reservation-only for the time being. It is essential to make appointments in advance and also review each winery’s posted policies and procedures before you arrive. Don’t forget your classiest wine tasting masks for entering and exiting the winery.