All Things Bottle Sustainability

Watch our discussion about All Things Bottle Sustainability, from ways to Lighten Up your glass, glass reuse and recycling, closures, cork, and more.

Erica Harrop

Erica Harrop | CEO & Founder of Global Package

  • Considerations for lightening glass, featuring Elegant Light Line
  • Using recycled glass bottles, featuring Wild Glass

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Jeff Doyle, Director Commercial, Halo Glass Recycling

Jeff Doyle |Director Commercial of Halo Glass Recycling

  • Recycled glass options
  • Reduced carbon footprint of California glass
Caren McNamara

Caren McNamara | Founder/CEO of Conscious Container

  • Global refillable bottle systems and standardization
  • Building infrastructure for glass wine bottle washing and reuse

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Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter |Director of Sales of MCC Label

  • Recycled content and recyclability of labels & label backing
  • Building partnerships to reduce production waste

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PJ Awe | Sales and Creative Director at Amorim Cork America

  • The resource use and carbon balance of cork
  • Cork options for different budgets/needs
  • Cork recycling

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Todd Jones

Todd Jones | Director of Sales & Marketing at Keystone Capsules

  • New tin capsule manufacturer
  • Recycling & partnership with Teacher’s Resource Center

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Andy Buck | Community Outreach and Business Development at Upper Valley Disposal and Recycling (UVDS)

  • What can really be recycled?

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Tim Dewey-Mattia | Recycling & Public Education Manager at Napa Recycling & Waste Services

  • Claims of recyclability v. reality