The Napa Green Winery program supports and sustains the long-term perspective of the land program, with a focus on crafting quality wines while conserving water and energy during cellar operations.

Napa Green Winery facilitates an integrated assessment of the wine production process by evaluating the various resources it takes to produce and distribute wine. Napa Green wineries implement 100+ measures that go beyond compliance to conserve resources, prevent waste and enhance the efficiency of their operations – all while engaging employees on the path to winery sustainability.

Certification Roadmap

Napa Green Certified Winery

Integrated Resource Assessments

Napa Green has partnered with nonprofit organization Sustainable Napa County to offer wineries an integrated resource assessment (IRA) as part of the certification process. An IRA provides a snapshot of energy, water and waste and identifies opportunities to conserve. A system assessment with an expert engineer identifies practical steps you can take that will provide the most value to your winery in terms of resource and financial savings. Significant returns can often be generated through no-cost monitoring, maintenance and behavioral changes.

For more information, download the Napa Green Step-by-Step Outline of Integrated Resource Assessments.

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