Land Certification


Napa Green Land is currently an umbrella program that recognizes growers with validated environmental compliance and verified Farm Plans as meeting our standards for watershed stewardship. These vineyard owners and managers develop custom, whole-property Farm Plans to:
  • Prevent erosion and sediment runoff
  • Reduce and eliminate potentially harmful inputs
  • Conserve water resources through efficient irrigation and frost protection
  • Protect and restore riparian habitat
  • Contribute to a healthy and thriving Napa River watershed


Given our current climate crisis Napa Green has a mission to increase its impact on climate action in Napa County and the broader wine industry. At the same time, many retailers and international markets are closely scrutinizing sustainability certifications and demanding more rigor. Consumers also want to know the depth of sustainability claims, with a particular interest in pesticide and herbicide use, climate action and social equity and responsibility.

The Napa Green Executive team and its Board of Directors have decided that Napa Green Land should evolve to a standalone climate action and environmental stewardship certification program. The standards of this next-level certification will be launched at the beginning of 2021.

Napa Green Land will continue to recognize growers with validated environmental compliance and certified Farm Plans through 2021. Growers participating in the next level of the Napa Green Land program will have an additional 1-2 growing seasons to implement the new standards.

Regional Water Board Vineyard Waste Discharge Requirements

All properties with more than 5 acres of vineyard are required to have a certified Farm Plan by July 2020 to be in compliance with the Regional Water Board’s vineyard Waste Discharge Requirements. There are additional water quality monitoring standards and the most streamlined and affordable way to achieve this added requirement is to join the group monitoring program with the Napa County Farm Bureau.

The third-party programs that have been approved by the Water Board to facilitate compliance are listed on the Water Board’s vineyard permit webpage.


Or learn about the Napa Green Certified WINERY Program

The health of our vineyard, the happiness of our team and the quality of our wines are intrinsically linked. This relationship between land, people and environment is the apex of winegrowing craftsmanship.”

- Aron Weinkauf, Winemaker & Vineyard Manager, Spottswoode Estate


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Napa Green Ambassador Training

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What does it mean to be Napa Green Certified and how can it help you engage guests and differentiate your brand? Learn this and more in our Napa Green Ambassador program.

conservation burn

Online Workshop

Conservation Burn Workshop
Fri, March 19, 2021
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Join us for a virtual workshop about burning woody material like old grapevines in a way that greatly reduces particulate releases, captures carbon, and improves compost and soil health.

  • The environmental benefits of conducting a conservation burn compared to a conventional burn.
  • How to properly prepare grapevine piles for a conservation burn.
  • How to safely perform a conservation burn.
  • Production of biochar after a conservation burn and its benefits to vineyard soils.
  • The Low Smoke Agriculture Burning Program in Napa County.


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