Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops UPCOMING WORKSHOPS & EVENTS Soil Health Analysis Workshop with Vineyard Soil Technologies Thursday, February 23, 2023 Location: Chimney Rock Winery Come join us for a morning of learning the hows and whys of soil sampling. Nick Madden from Vineyard Soil Technologies will explain the soil health principles we can learn from our […]

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Member Resources

Member Resources A list of tools and resources to assist participants through the different stages of the certification process. From considering enrollment to recommendations on how to share your certification with various audiences, these resources provide valuable supplemental information. Branding Communications Kit comm_kit.pdf Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.pdf Napa Green Fast Facts FastFacts.pdf How to Use […]

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Media Resources

Media Resources What is napa green? Napa Green is a non-profit organization serving Napa County. The Napa Green Winery and Vineyard programs offer the opportunity for comprehensive third-party certification of rigorous soil to bottle standards for sustainable winemaking and grape growing. Napa Green members: Contribute to the health and preservation of the Napa County ecosystem; […]

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Participating Gold Members

NAPA GREEN GOLD LEVEL – Herbicide Free | Bee Kind Members GOLD LEVEL – Herbicide Free | Bee Kind Napa Green members who are GOLD Level are Herbicide AND Neonicotinoid Free Napa Green Winery Certified (90) Napa Green Vineyard Certified (14)  Napa Green Vineyard (In Transition) (41)  GOLD LEVEL – Herbicide Free | Bee Kind […]

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Plan Your Trip

Visit the Wineries The Napa Valley is one of the world’s most distinctive wine regions, federally designated as its own American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 1981. Within the region there are 16 sub-appellations. Each has its own distinct soils, terrain, microclimates and other nuances that characterize the wines produced from that region. In order to […]

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Winery Certification

Winery CERTIFICATION NAPA GREEN WINERY CERTIFICATION Making an exceptional wine requires stewardship and attention to detail. The same is true of achieving Napa Green Winery certification. Napa Green Certified Wineries implement more than 120 sustainability standards to: Save energy and increase energy efficiency Conserve water and increase water use efficiency Prevent waste through recycling, composting […]

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Land Certification

Land Certification WHAT IS NAPA GREEN LAND?​ Napa Green Land is currently an umbrella program that recognizes growers with validated environmental compliance and verified Farm Plans as meeting our standards for watershed stewardship. These vineyard owners and managers develop custom, whole-property Farm Plans to: Prevent erosion and sediment runoff Reduce and eliminate potentially harmful inputs […]

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Get Certified

Become Napa Green Certified Your commitment to environmental stewardship and climate action is important to wine lovers, industry buyers and media as they evaluate wine brands in a competitive market. It is also essential to our community. We encourage you to become a part of the Napa Green community and be recognized for your responsible, […]

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